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Although tourism programs can be considered a leisure activity for the most part, underneath the experiences and anecdotes that travelers would get from their journeys abroad, there is a lot of strategic management skills that the travel itself, will make travelers to engage (consciously
, or unconsciously) before, during, and after the trip has ended.

Regardless if you are a well experienced, highly educated, and well traveled tourist, or even the category of traveling you will choose on regular basis,  these management artfulness, are going to help you to be more prepared with contingency plans, whenever you decide to walk around the world. In addition, the degree and intensity in which you would apply these dexterities along the expedition, would depend on how your mood, as well as, how well you  are planning to launch your flight from home.

Whether you are considered yourself a frequent, or random traveler, traveling on solo, with a group of strangers, or your own family, there is a great chance that you would face along the road, some challenges that without a doubt demand some analytical skills and strategic approach to adapt to the new environment, food, culture, currency rate exchange, and language in foreign countries.

As any management consultant executive, the first step is to see the "Big picture" and structure your strategy before you reach your first objective during your journey by asking some proving questions such as: where do I want to go? why do you want to go there? Can you afford it? What´s your budget? How long time would last this traveling project? Woudl I be ready, and tolerant for the shock culture abroad?....and so on.

However, beneath those initial proving questions, there is one question that overcome all of them, and that is whether you honestly want to enjoy the experience and get the best of it, along some of the common ups and downs that you can find along the road among different nationalities of each country.

Then, you have to weight your interpersonal, or social skills such as how well can you communicate with people verbally, and non-verbally? How much creative can you be in finding solutions, or alternatives to different situations? How motivate are you in helping others, as well as learning from them? How well do you forecast the expenses? How well do you manage your own budget? How good are you as a team leader? How good are you as a team member? How diplomatic, and ploite are you with foreign strangers? How good is your attention to details?...and much more.

The questions above are also aligned with the leadership traits that you naturally identify with in certain circumstances in order to make your journey the most pleaseant as possible. Are you in certain situations a task oriented leader, or more humanistic leader?

The majic of traveling abroad embraces opportunities that will put you at tasks, and prove your self as a leader of your own destiny, as well as, realize whether you are ready or not to become an  international citizen in a globalize world.

For that reason ZENITH TRAVEL & ECUADORGAY would like to share the following link about an interesting article and video, about how a small group of highschool graudates came to the Middle of the World (ECUADOR), and engaged in soft adventure activites that enhace their character in lea
dership, and team work in this exotic country in South America.

As a wisdom, well traveledd and highly educated Father said once: The best education that you can leave to your offspring, is getting to know the different corners of the planet, and learn the best that each culture can offer. 

Visit the 4 inner worlds of Ecuador, each one of them with tis own climate, flora, fauna, and ethnic cultures open to the whole world.



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Dear friends, colleagues, and partners, at this time ZENITH TRAVEL ECUADOR invites you to complete a survey in order to provide additional services to our current, as well as, future customers from all over the world.

By clicking the link below you would be all set to start this interesting, but yet, important survey in order to make your expereince even more pleasant when you visit Ecuador, the enachnting Galapagos Islands, and other magnetic places likewise in the South region of the Americas!!!!

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Friday, August 18, 2017


As an international visitor, the desision to arrive in a particular place, upon your arrival to the amazing Ecuador, it would depend on many factors, as well as, circumstances that you as a foreigner has to decide prior your journey overseas.

 Some of the factors that could influence in your desision of choosing a particular city in Ecuador, are subjected to international flight conections of the airline you have already choosen on your journey to this magical place, also known as the "Middle of the World". Other events that may you decide where to land, are related to;  whether you have already  friends, relatives, referrals, or even leisure activities to enjoy in certain regions, and cities that you want to visit as part of your travel itinerary.

By far, the most important cities in Ecuador in regards to population, as well as city tours, and business develpoment activities are: the Capital city of Quito, the Financial Capital & main harbor of the nation- Guayaquil, and the city of Cuenca famous for its furniture industry, as well as for the famous "Panama Hats", along with the presence of Baby Boomers (Retiree Americans), who have adopted this colonial city of the Ecuadorian Andes, as their brand new home, particularly  for its cleaness, Spring weather, Landscapes, and colonial cathedrals.

Now, bear in mind that each of the main cities of Ecuador, has a unique value, as well as different experience in regards to climates, flora, fauna, local ethnicity, and culture. Without a doubt, the country of the "Middle of the World" offers to  international tourists the privilege to be on the northern, and southern emispheres at the same time. Quito and Cuenca are located in the Ecuadorian highlands, also know as the Andean region, or Sierra. Its main caracteristics are the Andes mountains, lagoons, volcanoes, cloud forest, thermal spring baths, among other highlight spots available in this region of the nation.
On top of that, the climate is usually considered cold during rainy season (aka as winter), and during the summer, it is considered as a springtime weather for the most part.

However, and by the charming natural hallmark of the country itself, the city of Guayaquil is located in the Pacific coast region of Ecuador. The contrast between the Andean and the coast regions are significant in their culture, behavior, and speaking accent. The comparison can be realted (more or less), when people compare the East, and West coast of USA.

Long story short, it is fair to say, to certain degree, that the cities based on the highlands are more colonial preserved, cultural, and intelectually relate to the fine arts, while the cities on the coast are more commercial, as wellas, business oriented for the most part.

The west coast residents of Ecuador, particularly from the city of Guayaquil, are more straight forward in business ventures, open to creativity and risk investments, with a natural tendency to entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the Highlanders townsfolk, particularly from Quito, are more diplomatic reserved, and are constantly interested in propeling cultural events in beaux arts, and theater among other. Nontheless, there is always exceptions to the rule anywhere in the world.

On one hand, the city of Quito has been blessed with its nearby natural surroundings for soft adventure, where visitors from all over the world can find within a few hours of distance, amazing places such as: the Cotopaxi National park, the indigenous town of Otavalo, the Mindo cloud forest, and Quito´s famous Old Town considered one of the most preserve in the world.

Guayaquil, on the other hand, has been considered as the financial Capital of Ecuador,
where the stock market, and a vast number of business families, have been leading the economic grow , as well as, international trade development of the nation for many years. Nontheless, within the last 4 years, former president Rafael Correa started to propel the "Eco-tourism projects" nationwide, and some of those projects started in the city of Guayaquil such as the Santay Island in the Guayas river, among others.
In this natural sanctuary, which is located accross the river, just right infront of the city´s Skyline, local and international tourist can get access to the island with bicycles, or walking through the first pedestrian tiltling bridge in the history of Ecuador. With just a few mintues away, from the crowded and lousy downtown of the city, people can enjoy the relaxation of nature by doing some outdoors activites such as: biking, hiking, birdwatching, and even enjoy the view of the cocodriles located in a protected area of this interesting Island.

Usually, when experience sightseers compare
Guayaquil´s Old Town with Quito´s Old Town, the former is only one single stoned street in the traditional neighborhood of las Peñas. At this spot of the city, visitors can watch some of the colonial arquitecture from the past, as well as, the small Fort, where a few war canons were placed for the defense of the city against British and Dutch pirates, whose main interest was to plunder the city and steal the treasures of the Spanish Galleons sailing nearby.

Last but not least, the city of Cuenca, located in the Sierra, or Highlands of Ecuador,is also another magnetic spot nationwide.
Cuenca is famous for its barroque style cathedrals, as well as the little county of Chordeleg, where most of its resdients live of the artisan work of the jewels, as well as of the elaboration and sale of porcelain figures; along wuith factories for making cloths and macanas; Ceramics, embroidery, straw hats, coffee filters, etc.

Chordeleg became a well renowned town since the early 80´s for its impressive jewelry industry characterized by finest souvenirs made of  silver, and white gold, among others, where tourists can purchase them as a good bargain. In this place, visitors can find a whole street where they can buy from side to side, marvelous handicrafts, as well as, rings, neckless, bracelets, and earrings which are made of the best white gold, and silver.                                                                    Also, Cuenca has been famous for the production of the Paja Toquilla Hat, or Toquilla straw hat.
This famous hat was known world wide as "Panama Hat", due to its demand during the constrution of the Panama canal, where a lot of foremen used them on a daily basis. 

The art of weaving the traditional Ecuadorian toquilla hat, has been a long tradition for many centuries in the Republic of Ecuador. Although, the challenging elaboration of one single hat may take a few weeks, or even months until it can be sell, it was until recently that  the UNESCO added it to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists on 6 December 2012. Nowadays, The TOQUILLA STRAW HAT is considered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, a term used to define practices, traditions, knowledge, and skills that ancestral communities pass down from generation to generation as part of their well preserve cultural heritage.

So, next time you want to decide where to land your next journey, please consider the interesting alternatives that Ecuador can offer inland to our most exclusives travelers.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


With the new immigration policy implemented recently by the Ecuadorian Government, and the Galapagos National Park, all visitors who are planning to arrive in the Galapagos archipelago, regardless if they are Ecuadorian citizens, or foreigners, would be required to show a round trip air ticket, as well as the itinerary of their programs by the time they arrive at the Baltra , or San Cristobal airports. In addition, if travelers want to visit relatives or friends who are legal residents in the archipelago, they would be requiered an invitation letter on behalf of their host in order to stay in the islands for a short period of time.

The new immigration policy has been effective since May 8th 2017, and it has already created reactions between tourists, and travel agents. On one hand, some people consider this policy an important approach to control and monitoring visitors in an environment that is by far one of the most fragiles ecosystems, as well as one of  the world´s heritage site of humanity. Further more, it would certainly help the local tourism industry, particularly small travel agencies and inbound tour operators, which have been going through significant crisis within the last few years. It is expected with this request that the volumen of sales among tourist packages, and cruises would increase the flow of international visitors to Ecuador, and the enchanting Galapagos Islands, which are considered as some of the top vibrant destinations for tourism worldwide.

However, on the other hand, and as main characteristic of any kind of law launched , it has its pros and cons. A decent number of independent travelers, as well as friendly backpackers have some concerns about this new immigration law into the Galapagos Islands. One of the reasons is due to the expensiveness to reach the archipelago on a tight travel budget. Nontheless, each and every one of these travelers are consciously aware of the "once in a lifetime experience" that Galapagos propels with its marvelous landscapes, romantic sunsets, and unique flora, and fauna all over. Therefore, the attempt to visit this paradise is worth it afterall.

According to some travel experts, The Galapagos Islands is considered a very expensive destination, when compare with other popular gateaways such as San Andres island in Colombia, Margarita island in Venezuela, Bali island in Indonesia, and even the French Polynesia.

Nevertheless, the Galapagos Islands experience can not, and/or  should not be compared with the latter destinations mentioned above, because none of those places have the most bizzare and friendly creatures that the arhcipelago of Galapagos offers to highly educated, and well traveled visitors who have a unique taste for soft adventure, as well as, love for wild nature.

Back in the days, prior to this new visitors´law, most mid range tourists used to travel by themselves to the islands, and from there they visited some of the inhabited inslands such as Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, and Isabela, along some of the most common attractions that tourists are allowed by the Galapagos National Park to visit without the presence of a tourist guide.

Although this tendency was very common among backpackers at some point, it was not a precedent of an significant experience that someone could get when compare with other traveling options such as a sailing cruise , or even a proper Island hopping program that follows certain guideline, and reflects a well prepared "land based program".

So, in order to follow the new rules to access the Galapagos archipelago, as well as trying to give a decent quality service, ZENITH TRAVEL has created these promotional packages that include round trip airtickets, and full board while visiting the enchanting islands.


$ 90,00
$ 210

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QUITO- ECUADOR a friendly place for international tourists of the LGBTQ community

According to some leading local tour agents, the LGBTQ tourism started to increase its flow of visitors in the Middle of The World (Ecuador), and the Galapagos archipelago since 2006.

Although there is still much infraestructure to develop in the Ecuadorian tourism industry, the Nation itself is well provied with 4 main regions (or as some travelers calle it: the 4
majical inner worlds of Ecuador), each one encapsulates a unique experience along their diverse climates, exotic flora and fauna, propeling a feeling of parasychological experience that  fits appropiately to lucky visitors, who are in the mood for soft adventure, ecological, rural, and gastronomic tourism activites, along with birdwatching of the most exotic birds of the Galapagos Islands, Cloud forest, and the Amazon rainforest.

Certainly, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands could be considered as natural getways for LGBTQ couples, and friends who are trying to experience "once in a liftime - exotic journeys".

In regards to specfic activities, and night life related to members of the LGBTQ joinder, Ecuador´s three main cities (Guayaquil- Cuenca- Quito) can offer a vast number of day and night entertainment for this particular  community.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that eventhough there are plenty of things to do in Ecuador along its marvelous landscapes, and breathtaking Sunsets, the country´s toursitic infraestructure is still in progress, but to a similar level like other LGBTQ destinations such as  Thailand, Indonesia, the Phillipines, or even Europe, just to mention a few.

All in all, Ecuador is considered a friendly destination for all ages of LGBTQ members who want to witness a friendly welcome back, tolerance and acceptance for mixed crowd of locals, foreigners, twinks, bears, transexuals, and  everyone.

Some of the most well renown LGBTQ travelers such as "The Nomadic Boys" has come on a few ocastions to Ecuador, writting on their famous blog content the options to choose and explore the Capital City "San Francisco de Quito" (a.k.a as Quito), which can be considered the Spirit of the Andes mountains in South America.

Quito is without a doubt a blessed marvelous city with one of the most preserved Colonial Old Towns in Souht America. Its previleged location  near by national reserves such as the Cotopaxi National Park, Mindo Cloud  Forest, and colorfull folkloric towns like
Quito_Ecuador_COINED_1.jpg (465×230)
Otavalo with its famous indian market, and of course the Monument of the Middle of the World from which Ecuador got its name as a Nation. Visitors can walk through the imaginary Equator line, and being with both legs simultaneously between the South and North emispheres tha composed the whole world.

Interested in getting to know more about Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands as an LGBTQ  COMMUNITY MEMBER?????  Take advantge of our unique Gay trips

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Monday, July 24, 2017


Within the last 12 years the LGBTQ community has rapidly evolved in regards to places, and common spots where members of the clanship can gather together for entertainment, and relaxation in some of the most populated cities in Ecuador.

According to a news article posted by El Universo, one of the majors newspapers in Ecuador, since the year 2006 the LGBTQ tourism towards Ecuador, and the Galapagos archipelago started to increase at a moderate pace, propelling the need to create places for local and foreigners citizens of this segment of the society that is considered among the top niches in the Tourism industry with an offer of well educated, and well-traveled individuals with a taste for high-end products, and services.

However, bear in mind that even though the availability of outgoing places for LGBTQ members in Ecuador has a decent range of choices, the tendencies implemented like in other places around the world, that strongly have defined certain neighborhoods within the metropolitan areas of the cities, such as Boystown in Chicago, or even the Castro district in San Francisco - California, are still slowly developing in our country when compare to those locations.

Nonetheless, the openness and friendliness that characterize, for the most part, the Ecuadorian people in regards to the approach to outsiders, and tourists from different backgrounds in life, is without a doubt the most charming, as well as sincere in Latin America.

Among places where LGBTQ members can enjoy in the Capital city of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, we have a wide range between bars, restaurants, hotels, night-clubs,  SPA’s –Saunas, movie theaters, shop stores, and public places that are friendly, and tolerant to the LGBTQ joinder.

One of the most important LGBTQ organizations in Ecuador, “ALIANZA EQUIDAD” – (, is constantly promoting activities, as well as educating the local LGBTQ community with workshops about sexual education, HIV prevention, Legal advice, human rights, and psychological counseling to its members, among other services.

On top of that ALIANZA EQUIDAD participates in 3 main events during the year designed for the proudly rainbow flag crowds, which reflect a strong identity with the Gay and Lesbian international movement in this small but diverse country in the middle of the world.

These events are considered among local fellows of the community as, Key Game changers in driving to the Ecuadorian society the Harmony along events such as the Gay Pride Parade, the Gay rights (A.K.A Silent Day), and the HIV day prevention.

Among the suggestions of ALIANZA EQUIVIDA in regards to openly friendly places for the LGBTQ community, there are the following:

·         Night clubs, karaokes, small cafes, pubs, and bars: Bar Ril, Café Democratico, Spartacus, Tercer Milenio, Budha, Arms Armadi, Sol Inn, Soho, and Kika.

·         Hotels: Hotel Casa Joaquin

·         Movie Theaters and films´ projection places: Ocho y Medio, Video Maxxx, Video Eros, Mega Spark, Video Universal.

·         SPA-Saunas: Azul, Jinetes, Bambu SPA, El Faraon

ZENITH TRAVEL ECUADOR is by far the first Inbound Tour Operator & DMC in Ecuador that began to develop the LGBTQ tourist programs to The Galapagos Islands & Machu Picchu ruins a few years ago.

If you want to visit the enchanting Galapagos archipelago, along the 4 inner worlds of Ecuador, don’t hesitate to visit our website:

Visit Ecuador and South America as a single traveler, with couples, or with a group of friends, and feel relax, secure, and protected by ZENITH TRAVEL’S LGBT experience in designing tourist packages  for you and your love ones.

Classic Ecuador Program

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mr. Gay Ecuador & LGBT Tourism

Last year took place for the first time the well reknown contest Mr Gay World- charter Ecuador.

The first event of this kind was released in 2009 in Canada with 24 delegates. And after 7 long years of waiting, finally Ecuador became a referent among countries in the world that oficially host this particular event, which is the equivalent of Miss Universe, as to the Gay community.

Mauricio Eraso (AKA Shirley Stonyrock an iconic Drag Queen in the local LGBT joinder)  is the owner of the franchise Mr. Gay in Ecuador, and deputy event organizer, shared some of his thoughts and anecdotes about the challenges that he went through by seeking some support on behalf of private business, as well as the local LGBT community.

At the end, he decided to invest a great deal of his own resources in order to put into effect this outstanding and peculiar show. The show was ready  on February 3rd 2016 at the Hotel Western Plaza, in the Capital city, Quito.

All in all, the event had a significant presence of members of the local and internastional LGBT clanship, who enjoined a magnetic night among the performance showed by the different Choreographers.

Among the private sector, ZENITH TRAVEL was one of the very few Inbound Tour Operators & DMC from the tourism industry that collaborated with a prize award for the participants who made it to the final round of the contest.

Accoring to Zenith Travel´s representatives, this event certainly opens the door to improve the LGBT Tourism by positioning the
country in the International LGBT community as a friendly country for its members to visit at any time. Since the year 2006 Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands have increased the flow of LGBT tourist, and only 10% of the worldwide income from the tourism idnsutry comes from this particular market segment.

 In other words, there is still plenty projects to develop for this profile of high-end customers in regards to cruises and land based programs in Ecuador´s main tourist attractions such as the cruise train, and the marvelous Av. of the Volcanoes on the highland region, along birdwatching activities in the cloud forest, as well as whale watching on the coast during mating season.

The winner of the night was Flavio Romero, a 27 year old model from the province of Manabi, a place that was badly affected by the earthquake that took place on the 16th of April 2016, and its impact destroyed some of the provinces located at the shores of the Pacific Ocean of Ecuador.

Fortunately the empathy that characterized the Ecuadorian people, along with the attempts of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism in order to reactivate touristy, as well as economically these zones of the nation, it finally  pays off by promoting the internal tourism and offering full day of "Sun & Beach" charter flights to the places that were damaged along some coastal towns.

Afterall, these activites propel without a doubt the interest from abroad to know more about Ecuador and its wonders from the 4 inner worlds that this small but majestic Nation has to offer worldwide.

ZENITH TRAVEL ECUADOR encourages the International LGBT community to live a unique experince in the middle of the World along its 10 days classic program.

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