Thursday, August 31, 2017


Although tourism programs can be considered a leisure activity for the most part, underneath the experiences and anecdotes that travelers would get from their journeys abroad, there is a lot of strategic management skills that the travel itself, will make travelers to engage (consciously
, or unconsciously) before, during, and after the trip has ended.

Regardless if you are a well experienced, highly educated, and well traveled tourist, or even the category of traveling you will choose on regular basis,  these management artfulness, are going to help you to be more prepared with contingency plans, whenever you decide to walk around the world. In addition, the degree and intensity in which you would apply these dexterities along the expedition, would depend on how your mood, as well as, how well you  are planning to launch your flight from home.

Whether you are considered yourself a frequent, or random traveler, traveling on solo, with a group of strangers, or your own family, there is a great chance that you would face along the road, some challenges that without a doubt demand some analytical skills and strategic approach to adapt to the new environment, food, culture, currency rate exchange, and language in foreign countries.

As any management consultant executive, the first step is to see the "Big picture" and structure your strategy before you reach your first objective during your journey by asking some proving questions such as: where do I want to go? why do you want to go there? Can you afford it? What´s your budget? How long time would last this traveling project? Woudl I be ready, and tolerant for the shock culture abroad?....and so on.

However, beneath those initial proving questions, there is one question that overcome all of them, and that is whether you honestly want to enjoy the experience and get the best of it, along some of the common ups and downs that you can find along the road among different nationalities of each country.

Then, you have to weight your interpersonal, or social skills such as how well can you communicate with people verbally, and non-verbally? How much creative can you be in finding solutions, or alternatives to different situations? How motivate are you in helping others, as well as learning from them? How well do you forecast the expenses? How well do you manage your own budget? How good are you as a team leader? How good are you as a team member? How diplomatic, and ploite are you with foreign strangers? How good is your attention to details?...and much more.

The questions above are also aligned with the leadership traits that you naturally identify with in certain circumstances in order to make your journey the most pleaseant as possible. Are you in certain situations a task oriented leader, or more humanistic leader?

The majic of traveling abroad embraces opportunities that will put you at tasks, and prove your self as a leader of your own destiny, as well as, realize whether you are ready or not to become an  international citizen in a globalize world.

For that reason ZENITH TRAVEL & ECUADORGAY would like to share the following link about an interesting article and video, about how a small group of highschool graudates came to the Middle of the World (ECUADOR), and engaged in soft adventure activites that enhace their character in lea
dership, and team work in this exotic country in South America.

As a wisdom, well traveledd and highly educated Father said once: The best education that you can leave to your offspring, is getting to know the different corners of the planet, and learn the best that each culture can offer. 

Visit the 4 inner worlds of Ecuador, each one of them with tis own climate, flora, fauna, and ethnic cultures open to the whole world.



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