Thursday, July 2, 2015

Relaxing Around Unique Exotic Sceneries

While talking about points of relaxation in Ecuador, many landscapes of the different regions we have here, come to mind.

But first let's understand, what is relaxation? It is said to be a decrease in voltage; it is rest, both physical and mental rest can certainly bring a distraction to the spirit, in a way that would relax our muscles and gain a physical and mental state of peace, rest and relaxation. Ecuador has many natural scenarios that lead people to find that inner peace that we are often looking for on our vacation.

Ecuador, a country that loves life, is considered a mega-diverse site where it has a variety of microclimates in a small territory; and where one can access any of its four regions in a short time.  
The Andean region, or sierra, is also called the "Avenue of the Volcanoes" for its majestic mountains that exceed 5,000m (16,400ft) in height. This is a privileged place for its natural landscape that seamlessly blends with the culture of its people living on the slopes of these mountains. Many of the volcanoes in this Andes area are active with a diversity of living organisms and people living inside it. The Andes is also considered the longest mountain range in the world.

Cotopaxi is the name of a province in the Andes of Ecuador. Its name means "throat of fire" in the  Panzaleo language. It is also the name of the national park that is home to this volcano.  It has a altitude of 5,897 meters (19,347ft). 
Considered one of the tallest active volcanoes in the world, you can still enjoy hiking, adventure sports and an spectacular scenery surrounded by nature. This beautiful scenery  connects you to the planet, where the wind creates its own soothing sounds. The level of tranquility provided by this majestic mountain gives you a unique feeling, while enjoying at the same time a breathtaking view of its surrounding scenery.
The Cotopaxi National Park is located in three provinces, giving you a wondrous experience with its changing weather, beautiful scenery and so much more.

Just shy of 4,000m (13,000ft) in altitude, this volcano has a lagoon inside its crater, making this a unique place to visit on your next trip. You can enjoy of various activities such as Hiking around the crater, or even rent a Kayak to paddle on the volcano's lake!
The contrast in light hitting the lake, make you feel like you are in an enchanted place, where its waters change shades of color along its surface, adding to that tranquil feeling that bring to you a state of incredible peace and relaxation.
At this amazing place, you can also see condors flying around the lake and crater. These emblematic birds of the Andes are involved in various legends that can be heard by locals around a bonfire at the bottom of the lagoon's, very close to these large birds.

This volcano is regarded as a goddess called "Mama Cotacachi" for the "Imbaya" village. It is one of the greatest places of the Ecuadorian Andes, where you can enjoy relaxing landscapes that seamlessly blend with the culture of its people.  It is located in the Imbabura province. 
This province is considered the second largest in Ecuador to have a large and important indigenous population. The indigenous market is filled with a wide range of colors that bring joy to all people. 
People here consider themselves descendants of the last of the Incas that governed the Tahuantinsuyo, known today as South America. 

Without a doubt, The Ecuador Andes is a must-see destination for all people around the world!

Come and visit, we'll be waiting!

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